Plant Powered Lifestyle is very much a culmination of a personal journey.

From overweight junk food addict to fit, healthy and slim. Often, adversity is the only way change happens and in my case this is true.

A battle with gallbladder disease was the catalyst for a complete revamp of my lifestyle and the opportunity to have my eyes opened to a whole new world of health and nutrition.

This website is not an anonymous business full of generic products which clever marketers fool you into thinking you need. It is much more personal than that. It is an extension of how I live my life, the products I use and the books I learn from.

Health & Happiness.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website.

I really appreciate your interest and hope that you find the products on the website as wonderful as I do. I have personally read or used every product on the site and stand behind each one of them 100%.

This website is dedicated to my wonderful parents Keith and Molly who between them fought and ultimately succumbed to prostate, lung, liver, bone, bladder, lymphoma and breast cancers. Maybe if I knew then the impact of our diet on our health, you might both still be with us. RIP mum and dad, love you always. xx